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Product Name: 700ml Wall-Mounted Automatic Infrared Motion Sensor Non-Contact Liquid soap Dispenser, Sanitizer Dispenser
Model Number: 700ml
Product Weight : 500 Grams
Warranty: N/A
Your Price: 1150.00

Product Description
  • Built-in intelligent infrared motion activation sensor having powerful anti-interference ability, sensitive induction, fully automatiContactless operation, no contact, to avoid secondary cross infection
  • The large capacity of 700ML is very suitable for lotion, shampoo, liquid soap or disinfectant. Each time 1mlof liquid is sensed to eliminate bacteria and clean the hand
  • Easy to use wall-mounted, poweredby 4 AA batteries (not included), no wiring required and easy to install
  • The transparent container allows theuser to check the capacity and easily clean it. The widely used lid jar with lock is very suitable for bathroom, kitchen, kindergarten, office, school, hospital, airport, hotel and restaurant.
  • Much Fun - You will find your children like it, and now they won't forget washing their hands, it's much more effective than mom's reminders.