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Product Name: Lukia Wall Mounted Steel Key Box with Combination Lock for 60 Key Capacity with Number Tags & Hooks
Model Number: kb60b
Product Weight : 2137 Grams
Warranty: N/A
Your Price: 2200.00

Product Description
  • Size: 370*280*80mm | Capacity: 60 Key slots
  • SECURE DESIGN WITH COMBINATION LOCK: Setting 3-digit combination spinlock over 1,000 possible combinations as the entry code for the cabinet
  • Ideal for Offices, Companies, Warehouses, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Shops & Personal Residences
  • HIGH-QUALITY : Our key box with code is made of heavy-duty steel that provides prime security and long-term durability throughout the years. Easy to mount.
  • Convenient Key Cabinet organizer with 60 key hooks with 60 blank key tags in 8 assorted colors; Use the key tag to label numbers or names for easy centralized management