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Product Name: 4 Main (Trunk) Lines and 56 Extentions CS456 Telephone Intercom System Design
Model Number: lk456
Product Weight : 6.5 Kg
Warranty: ONE-YEAR
Your Price: 27200.00

Product Description

Day/Night Mode(Manual), Music and Ringing Recordable OGM(outgoing message) Can be connected with Computer, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding Manually, Outgoing Call Transfer, Power Failure Transfer, Specific Main Line (C.O./Trunk Line) Dialing, Three Way Conference, Do Not Disturb, Auto/Manual Dial-Out Mode

Capacity: 4 Main Lines (Trunk Line/ Pand T) and 56 Extension

Internal/External Music on Holding, Operator/Auto-attendant Mode, Remote Programming

It comes with one year warranty