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Product Name: Digital Printing PVC Sheet For Konica, Indigo Hp Printer etc A3 Size
Model Number: 250M
Product Weight : 5 Kg
Your Price: 2300.00

Product Description
Thickness: , 0.25mm Printing Method: uv Ink / Common Ink Usage: It is suitable for Digital Printer, Laser printer, Konica and HP Indigo printers. It could be printed directly with high definition and real color images. Excellent ink adhesion, strong peeling strength after lamination with the matching Coated Overlay . Size: A3 (12*18 inch), Thickness: 250 Micron (0.25 MM), Colour: super white Feature: Tamper resistance, Durable, Water Proof, Offset Printable, digital Printable, Laser Printable