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Product Name: Lukia Aluminium Portable and Extension 10.5 Feet Telescopic Folding Aluminium Ladder
Model Number: Y-ZJ1032
Product Weight : 8.8kg
Warranty: N/A
Your Price: 5400.00

Product Description
This ladder can be used in many place, like indoor/outdoor/office/library/school and even used in engineering work. It's a really practical and multifunctional ladder. Telescopic Extension ladder is made of corrosion-resistant quality aluminum alloy, this lightweight aluminum ladder can support up to 150kg. Product Dimensions: 10.5 Feet Height (Open Size; Folded Size: Length (8.4 cm), Width (47.6 cm), Height (80.4 cm). Weight 8.8 kg. Aluminium Thickness is 1.5 mm And Height between steps is 1 ft. Save space:Easily fits into cupboards, the back of a van or the boot of a car. Lightweight and easily portable and can be used according to the height required (Foldable) Warranty of the Product is covered only against the Manufacturing defect or any damage during Transportation