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Product Name: Lukia Inkjet PVC Id Cards lot of 230 cards
Model Number: 1230
Product Weight : 1 kg
Warranty: N/A
Your Price: 1095.00

Product Description

These cards are used with inkjet printers like Epson that have a PVC card tray (sold separately). You can print on both sides of these cards and these are the only cards that should be used in an inkjet printer Ideal for AADHAAR Card These Blank PVC plastic cards for inkjet printer (a pack of 230 cards) are the highest quality ultra graphics plastic cards. Color : White : Superior graphic quality cards 230 cards (packaged in single pack) CR80.030 (CR8030) size-30 mil thickness, standard credit card size : Size 3.375" x 2.125" (85.6 mm x 54 mm)